Lasting Florals-Innovation in fresh flowers

Lasting Florals-Innovation in fresh flowers
Flowers.....the Art of Expression !!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beyond Floral Design

       Elements has become a big word in floral design and as I glance over my inventory of accessories that I use ;  I conclude it is one of my addictions. This can be something as simple as the vessel or container I choose to design in or beads, crystals, rope, feathers or anything else that hangs off my flower designs. Of course there is consistently a time when au natural fits the bill but events are a whole different story ( or can be ). I just consider it an extension of the natural medium I'm all ready working with.
       For natural additives I use river rock, moss, branches, rafia, fruit, birds, and butterflies just to name a few. The new vintage may be enhanced by adding tea pots , pearls, antique and estate jewels with a pallet of soft David Austin Roses or Peonies along with lace textiles and soft candle light for an event. I have designed flower arrangements adding nautical netting and a Bridal Bouquet with a collar of  sea shells collected while the couple strolled the beach. Ultra modern buffet flower arrangements in giant mirrored vases with crystals dripping from  tips of flowers and harvest centerpieces in pumpkins.Floral art is one of my favorites and I created a 36" by 24" canvas of my version of the American Flag out of Pink Gladiolus, Roses, Poms, Carnations and hydrangea leaves. Presents wrapped in ribbons from orchids and faux flower olives for a martini vase. So I guess what I'm trying to say is I feel like I'm sooooooo much more than a florist and welcome all the challenges, imagination, and artistic possibilities that go along with it.